What should I bring to camp? - All Campers

Field Hockey Items:

Hockey stick(s)

Shin Guards

Water Bottle

Mouth Guard

Turf Shoes/Sneakers for turf – NO CLEATS PERMITTED

Optional Items:

Rain Jacket

Sun Screen

Change of Clothes

What should I bring to camp? - Overnight Campers

Overnight Campers will also need:
Fan(s) - the dorms are NOT air conditioned
Toiletries/Personal Items
Bath Towel
Flip Flops, Sneakers
Extra Clothing
Room Key Deposit ($60 made out to Dartmouth College)
Appropriate Spending Money - $40 recommended

Is there a room key deposit for overnight campers?

Yes. Dartmouth College requires a key deposit of $60. All campers staying in the dorm for camp must bring cash or a check made out to “Dartmouth College”. Peak FH will hold the cash/check until the key is returned at check-out.

Should I bring spending money?

We recommend approximately $40 of spending money per session. Please do not bring a pre-written check. Cash may be kept in the camp bank, located in the camp store. Our Camp Store will be open at check-in and check-out, as well as every evening. The camp store will sell apparel, equipment and pizza.

Will I need a Parking Pass?

ALL vehicles driven to camp must be registered at check-in. Resident camper car keys must be turned in to the Camp Director and will be retained during camp. Commuter campers are permitted to drive to and from camp each day, but are not permitted to drive while at camp. Commuter campers are responsible for their own keys while on campus. Parking passes MUST be purchased for ALL cars (resident and commuter) parked on campus (COST=$10/day). Cash or check (payable to Peak FH Camp) are accepted to cover parking charges if you are a resident camper needing to park on campus, or you are a commuter camper driving yourself to and from camp each day. Parents dropping campers off daily will NOT need to purchase a parking pass.

Who do I call with questions/concerns while my child is at camp?

To reach the Camp Director or to leave a message for a camper call: (c) 603-443-2010 or (c) 603-359-7259

Overnight Emergency ONLY (24 hrs): On-call staff- 603-443-2010 or Dartmouth Safety and Security dispatch- 603-646-2234. Please DO NOT call Safety and Security unless you have an emergency and cannot reach a camp administrator. For all other concerns, please use the other numbers provided above.