Minors Protection Policy

Minors Protection Policy: Protection of Minors Policy: The Peak FH Camp acknowledges that because of 2015 New Hampshire legislation, program attendees under 18 may not be left alone in the presence of a single staff member/adult supervisor (“Supervisor”) in the regular course of their program, unless they have undergone a recent background check with results acceptable to Peak FH Camp. If a background check has not been completed, then an additional Supervisor must be in the space if a minor is present. Amy Fowler- Peak FH Camp Director, agrees to make all members of the Peak FH Camp staff aware of this requirement. Amy Fowler also acknowledges that hours chosen for all camp activities involving minors will be scheduled for times when the camp is appropriately staffed. If it is not possible to structure the camp so that the Supervisor is never left alone with a minor, then the Supervisor must have a background check before the program begins. Each staff member who might be left alone with a minor is required to request and complete a background check with results acceptable to Peak FH prior to the start of camp. Amy Fowler is responsible for submitting a Certification of Background Check Form to the State of NH as well as to the office of General Counsel at Dartmouth College. All camp employees are required to review and Sign a Code of Conduct that governs working with minors.